Monday, October 4, 2010

Fabulous Felines Haul, Review and Swatches

Sorry Ive been MIA lately!   I have a bunch to catch up on!   I know this is a little late, but here's my Fabulous Feline Haul! 

I wanted to get more but I am pretty broke so I had to limit my purchases to the following three items!!

Burmese Beauty Quad

Showstopper, Burmese Beauty, Skintone 2, Prized

This is a beautiful quad!  the colors are dupe-able in my opinion, but not with things I have, hence why I bought it!  Showstopper is just a dark midtone brown, maybe like Charcoal Brown, Burmese Beauty is like Club, Skintone 2 is a really pretty light golden color, and Prized is a perfect peachy neutral.  Over all it can be used for a million different looks!

I will be posting looks using this quad soon so check back!

The other items I got were two pigments, Lithe and Bloodline.

Lithe is the perfect golden toned highlighting color,  its a peach based gold and is just too gorgeous.  You could used it on your eyes, or cheekbone as a highlight.  

Bloodline is similar to moth brown, they both have that taupe-grey-purplish color that is beautiful! 

What did you get from Fabulous Feline!!?

I would love to know what people got from Fabulous Felines and what they liked!


Marisa said...

I passed that MAC collection.. I've been passing MAC collections a lot, because I really want to save up to buy something that I like and need! But the swatches are so pretty (:

Kim said...

Ive been passing on a lot as well. i always feel like i have something similar and shouldnt spend the money. Ive been spluring on chanel lately tho! they have some amazing stuff!