Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cle de Peau Concealer- is it worth $70?

So after reading about this concealer in practically every magazine I picked up, I figured I HAD to give it a try.  It won for "best concealer" in Instyle, and generally has had a lot of buzz lately.   The $70 price tag was STEEP but i figured it was worth it, if only to do a review for everyone else! 
I figured I would give it a few days, and probably wouldn't be to impressed, and would tell everyone not to waste their money. 

Sadly, ladies, the exact opposite happened! I LOVE it!  It just melts into your skin, and looks completely natural.   Its the only concealer that I thought worked well for under eyes, as well as other areas of the face.   Before I had always used one concealer for under eyes (usually Bobbi Brown) and one for face (Nars or Coverblend).  This looked perfect no matter where you use it. 

I have slightly darker skin around my eyes from Lilash (review coming soon)  so I wear concealer around my eyes everyday.   On hotter days, I noticed that the Bobbi Brown one was wearing off.   The Cle de Peau lasted all day. And when I say ALLLL day I mean through a BBQ, swimming, drinking, and falling asleep at my bfs with my makeup on (which I do not suggest doing! bad bad bad!)
 Normally the concealer would either be gone, or have dried out my skin, especially around my eyes.   It looked exactly the same.  When I went to wash my face the next morning, I couldn't believe how natural it still looked. 

I also like that its the perfect consistency.   The Bobbi Brown concealer for under eyes works well, but its pretty thick, and since i have some freckles, if I don't wear foundation with it, you can see that I have concealer on, because you can see the difference from where the under eye area meets the cheekbone, where you can see freckles again.   The Cle de Peau isn't as thick, but still covers under eye circles amazingly.  So I could wear it alone, with just some powder on the rest of my face.   Just for that reason, I would consider repurchasing.  I hate feeling that I have to wear more makeup on the rest of my face if I want to wear concealer around my eyes. 

Probably the only downfall (other than the crazy price) is the lack of color choices.   Only 4!  Luckily the shade Ochre was perfect for me with my summer tan.   Hopefully the lighter shade will work for the winter.

Its also slightly larger than other concealers which is what makes me think I will continue to buy it.   For example,
the nars concealer is 0.12 Oz for $22.  Which works out to be $18 per 0.10 oz
Bobbo Brown is 0.06 oz for $22.         Which is                      $36  per 0.10oz
Cle de Pea is 0.17 oz for $70.              Which is                      $41 per 0.10oz

So per oz, Cle de Peau is only slightly more expensive than Bobbi Brown.   Nars is actually the most affordable! 

So in the end its a personal decision, whether you are willing to drop $70 for a concealer.  Hopefully you are close enough to a Neiman Marcus or other store that carries Cle de Peau, so you can try it out and see for yourself!

also, it seems to be available on Amazon for around $65!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Darphin Purifying Balm Review

I have very recently gotten into Darphin skincare.  I have been using the Intral line, but not for long enough to do a review.   I was at Space NK at Short Hills Mall (a skincare/cosmetics store)  and was told that Darphin's purifying balm was amazing.   I have tried other over night balms (decleor among others) and I liked them but didn't LOVE them.   The sales lady told me that the Darphin balm was great if your skin was freaking out (which mine was at the moment due to it being that time of the month)  She said to used it at night for three days in a row.  

So I did exactly that, and I have to say, I love it!    At the time, like I said I had my period, and on top of that, I was having multiple crisis at work, and working about 14 hours a day, and getting about 4 hours of sleep a day.  So normally that combination would wreak havoc on my skin!  I saw the beginning of some bumps but they all promptly went away. Shrinking the first day, and by the third day they were totally healed and gone!

This is the description on the website:

This aromatic, smoothing and purifying overnight treatment for face and body restores radiance as it helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. 
Key Ingredients: Tea Tree, Lavender, Sage, Geranium and Grapefruit essential oils, Hazelnut and St Johns Wort Oils, Beeswax.

Part of the reason I was drawn to this is because I saw it had tea tree oil, which has always worked well for me when I have had zits.
I have mentioned before how things with oils used to scare me, as I assumed if I broke out, I should never use anything with oil.  Boy is that wrong!  I have discovered that by using the RIGHT oils, it keeps my skin from over producing oils of its own.   So finding products that moisturize well without causing me to breakout is always my primary concern.   This balm is definitely one I will be coming back to, probably using it for the three days in a row right around my period.  I highly recommend it!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Healthy Lunches

As I mentioned before, I am a social worker.  I regularly find myself in the car all day, or having emergencies when i expect to be in the office all day.   I don't make lunch too often for myself because I know myself, and if my lunch sits in the car with me all day,  I am not going to want it when it comes time to eat.  

Here are some meals I have found at some fast food placed that are actually pretty good for you!

 Wendys Mandarin Chicken Salad
This is a grilled chicken salad with mandarin oranges.   It comes with sliced almonds and wonton noodles, and a oriental sesame dressing.

I use only the almonds, and throw away the noodles. Like that the salad is only 330 calories!  Now of course you need dressing!  I usually used honey mustard and only use a very small amount. So it probably adds about 60 calories.   This I used to eat constantly when I did South Beach diet.   Although mandarin oranges are fruit and therefore carbs, citric fruits don't raise your blood sugar as much or as fast as other fruits.

 Wendy's Taco Salad

I LOVE spicy food.  This salad is great because its made with chili.  
Again i customize this, and throw away the tortilla strips, I only use half the dressing, and half the sour cream.  So it ends up being around 500 calories. 

I also like spicy foods because they cause you to drink more water! 

I also love Wendy's becuase their website allows you to customize what  toppings you eat on the salad, and it will tell you an exact calorie count and nutrition information

McDonalds Southwest Salad with grilled chicken.

This is so yummy.  Its grilled chicken, oven-roasted tomatoes, fire-roasted corn, savory black beans, poblano peppers, shredded cheddar and jack cheeses, chili lime tortilla strips and a fresh-sliced lime wedge on the side.
Again, I scrape off the tortilla strips and only use half the dressing.  So it ends up being around 375 calories. 

Bottom Line, Its all about portion control and making the right choices.   Obviously fast food is not the best option for lunch, but when you make the right choices you can get a decent meal that wont ruin your diet!

Red Lips (aka things I am too wimpy to wear!)

I have always loved red lips on other people, but I am terrified of them myself! 

The only time I have work red lips out, was for Halloween!  I was Wonder Woman  and it just seemed to fit!
All I used was a cheap wet and wild liner, and russian red lipglass from MAC.   I love it in pictures but I dont have the guts to wear it in real life!

What do you guys think?  do you like red lips?  do you have any makeup looks that you refuse to wear in real life but like in theory?

Also I have a slight obsession with Halloween!  I have dressed up every single year of my life.   For the past few years I have gone out in NYC with my girl friends for Halloween and this past year we went to the parade.  

This year I am the maid of honor in a wedding on the 30th, so I am not sure I will make it out!  I am trying to get people to go out on the 31st (which is a Sunday) so i dont miss out!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Date Night Makeup!

This is just a very simple look that I did for date night night with my bf!  I am usually in a rush when i get home from work so I dont have time for a lot of makeup.  My bf also prefers more natural looks so my aim is always natural, myself but better!

On Face
Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in warm natural
Nars Sheer Glow in Punjab
Nars Bronzer in Laguna
Nars Blush in Deep Throat

On Eyes
Mac Rubenesque Paint Pot
Mac Expensive Pink
Nars Bronzer in lagune in crease
Nars Thunderball as liner
Nars larger then life volumizing mascara

On Lips
Nars Velvet Matte lipstick - sex machine
Nars Lipgloss - sweet revenge

Friday, June 18, 2010

Purple Eyes

I have always loved purple eyeshadow.   I think its one of the most universally flattering colors for all skin tones. I especially like it with blue eyes.  I'm not a huge fan of crazy colorful eye shadows.  I never mix two different colors (like the sunset eye when people fade from one color to another)  I appreciate the blending skills it takes, but I am not a fan.   Usually if i use a color, its just a bit, like a blue winged liner, or a purple smokey eye.   Green scares me for some reason.  Maybe I will work on that and track my progress on here!  Purple is definetly my favorite non neutral color to use.

The purple shadow I used the most is Nars Lulu which I sometimes use as eyeliner or use for a smokey eye.
Here are some other purple eyeshadow inspiration pics!

I read that the shadow used for Rachel McAdams look was YSL lilac sky, which i just picked up!  so hopefully I will be successful in trying a similar look!

What are your favorite non neutrals?

What I am using right now!

Shampoo: I usually use Wen cleansing conditioner - so no shampoo, but when i DO use shampoo its Biolage

Conditioner: Same as above

Styling products: Rarely use any product, every now and then i use the bumble and bumble salt spray

Shower Gel: mario badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap

Body moisturiser: caudalie

Deodorant: secret

Fake Tan: st tropez its amazing!

Cleanser: Shu Uemura oil, neostrata facial cleanser

Exfoliator: Neostrata Renewal Peel

Primer: Clarins perfect touch

Foundation brush: mac

Concealer: bobby brown for eyes - nars for everything else

Powder: nars powder

Blusher: NARS deep throat

Bronzer: NARS Casino or Laguna.

Highlighter: nars albatros or benefit high brow

Eyeshadow base: nars eyeshadow primer or UDPP

Eyeshadows: nars belissima,

Eyeliner: Usually I used a nars shadow as a liner, most often thunderball, sometimes one of the night series - night flight or night porter

Curler: shu uemura, i LOVE it. I actually was in some shu uemura study and got two free to test and report back.

Mascara: Nars larger than life volumizing mascara

Lipstick: not a huge lipstick wearer - usually use Nars Sabrina lip treatment

Lipgloss: Nars sweet revenge

Nail Color: i love nars schiap for summer its a great bright pink

take the quiz youself and link me to it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Nars Look I Love!

This is another Nars look I love! I have most of the products and have recreated it myself and love it.  Elsa is a greatly overlooked eyeshadow duo (probably becuase its not sold at sephora)  the lilac side is GORGEOUS!

WHO: NARS Cosmetics and Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl)

WHAT: NARS Cosmetics lead stylist, Norman Sands created the actress’ look for the 3.1 phillip lim show where she was seated in the front row.

NARS lead stylist, Norman Sands, created Leighton Meester’s look for the 3.1 phillip lim show on Wednesday, September 10th, during New York Fashion Week. Meester prefers subtle makeup with little fuss, so Sands focused on giving her a naturally radiant look.

Beginning with staple products from NARSskin, Sands prepped Meester’s skin with NARSskin Mud Mask ($45) followed by a mix of NARSskin Aqua Gel Hydrator ($76) and Brightening Serum ($61), which gave her face an overall glow.

Sands then added a small amount of NARS Firming Foundation in Punjab ($50) around the actress’ eyes and nose. He applied NARS The Multiple Bronzer in Tuomota and The Multiple in Maldives ($37) to give her cheeks a sun-kissed look.

To create her bright, shimmering eyes, Sands started with NARS Single Eyeshadow in Cyprus ($22) as a base and added NARS Single Eyeshadow in Blondie along with NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Elsa ($32). Finally, to finish the eye, Sands mixed NARS Single Eyeshadow in China Blue and Bali. He then added a small amount of NARS Mascara in Bamboo ($23).

Meester’s lips were moisturized with NARS Lip Balm in Sabrina ($23). NARS Lip Liner Pencil in Fantasia ($20) was then applied and topped off with the NARS Lip Gloss Duo in Giza/Boogie Nights ($24).

To add a natural glow, Sands added NARS Blush in Super Orgasm ($25) on Meester’s cheeks and forehead.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Healthy Recipe - Pesto Tilapia

This is one of my favorite quick, easy, and healthy dinners!  I love fish, and I love pesto, so its a great combination.  I usually serve this with some vegetable on the side, like green beans, or asparagus. 

The pesto is made with just basil, parmesan, pine nuts, and olive oil. The recipe states to grind it in a mortar and pestle. I dont own one, so what I do is grind it in a mini food processor (the magic bullet from the informercial)I have a real food processor as well, but the pesto sauce is so small that it fits better in the magic bullet.   This is what it looks like

Magic Bullet Express 17-Piece High-Speed Blender Mixing System

Heres the recipe!


Tilapia with Homemade Pesto

* 1 1/2 bunches fresh basil (about 1 1/2 cups lightly packed)
* 4 ounces toasted pine nuts
* 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese
* 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil
* 4 pieces (6 ounces each) fresh tilapia
* 1 Tbsp. olive oil


Preheat broiler. Grind the basil, pine nuts and grated Parmesan cheese with a mortar and pestle (or magic bullet) until a smooth paste forms. Slowly add 1/4 cup of olive oil, grinding until a smooth sauce forms. If you don't have a mortar and pestle, use a food processor instead.

Season the pesto to taste with salt and pepper. Season the tilapia with salt and pepper on both sides. Heat a large sauté pan over medium-high heat. Add the oil and cook the fish for 1 to 2 minutes on the flesh side or until it turns light golden brown. Flip the fish over and spoon the pesto generously over the fish.

Transfer pan to the broiler and broil for 2 to 3 minutes or until the fish is cooked through. Remove fish from broiler and allow to rest on a plate. Serve fish hot.

Want to see more Nars looks?

I LOVE that Nars has a facebook.  They regularly post pictures of celebrities and label the Nars makeup they are wearing.  Its dangerous for my wallet, but so interesting to see!

This is their facebook http://www.facebook.com/narscosmetics

and here are some examples of the looks they show (i am obsessed with the first girls entire look!)

Jessica Stam Wears NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder!
WHERE: CFDA Awards Gala, at Lincoln Center in New York City
WHEN: June 7, 2010

WHAT: Makeup artist Fabiola used the following on Jessica:
*Eyes: Tokyo Duo Eyeshadow
*Eyebrows: Portobello Duo Eyeshadow
*Cheeks: Laguna Bronzing Powder

WHO: Scarlett Johansson
WHERE: White House Correspondents' Dinner
WHEN: May 1, 2010

WHAT: Makeup artist Fabiola used the following products on Scarlett:

*PRO-PRIME Eyeshadow Base
*Alahambra Eyeshadow Duo
*Bali Single Eyeshadow
*Orgasm Blush
*Chihuahua Lip Gloss

Christina Ricci in NARS PRO-PRIME

WHERE: Closing celebration of Marina Abramovic’s “The Artist Is Present” at New York’s Museum of Modern Art
WHEN: June 1, 2010

*NARS PRO-PRIME Skin Smoothing Face Prep
*NARS PRO-PRIME Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
*NARS Siberia Sheer Matte Foundation
*NARS Galapagos Eyeshadow
*NARS Misfit Duo Eyeshadow
*NARS Aigle Noir Soft Touch Shadow Pencil
*NARS Harlow Lip Gloss

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Want to become a runner?

So I guess I finally consider myself "a runner." Although i still consider that a stretch, because honestly... I'm not that good! I have a friend who can not run for months, than kick my butt in a race when Ive been running a few times a week for years. It seems to me that some people are just natural born runners.

I.... am not. Running has been hard for me, but I love it, and I am constantly trying to improve myself. I started running in college. I was sick of the elliptical (especially waiting in line for one at the over crowded gym) and figured that the treadmills were always open. I started out walking, with some short bursts of running mixed in. I always aimed for 3 miles. I very slowly built up to running longer distances at once, I would walk for 4 minutes to warm up, run for 6 (making a full 10 minutes) then repeat. I always did that for the first 10 minutes. Always 4 minutes of walking for a warm up. But then for the second 10 minutes I started working my way up to running 8 min out of the 10, then 9 then all 10! The first time I ran a full mile without stopping, I was amazed with myself. Then I worked my way up to 2 miles, then 3 and so on. Its important not to increase your mileage more than 10% a week to avoid injury. I used to get CRAZY shin splints. It was always when i pushed it and upped my mileage by more than 10%.

Also having good shoes are sooo important! My feet have a tendency to roll inwards when i run, which is called "overpronating." I read an article that said that New Balance 766 were amazing for overpronaters. So i bought a pair, and it has made allllll the difference! New Balance has since come out with the 767, 768, and are up to the 769 by now. I order mine from joesnewbalanceoutlet.com and just order last years model! so its usually about $40 instead of $100! I also have narrow feet and New Balances come in narrow which has been a big help.

For a while I decided I was going to run a marathon, and I actually got unto running 12 miles non stop. Then i started having crazy knee problems, and actually had to stop running for months.

I have finally gotten into a comfortable groove, I run 3 miles, 3 days a week. Sometimes outside, sometimes on a treadmill. I really like treadmills because I feel like you can challenge yourself more, since if you up the speed - you have to keep up or you fall off! its hard to inspire the same motivation on your own outside. To keep the treadmill from being boring, I like to add intervals. So for example,  I will walk the first 4 minutes building up to a 4mph. Then I will run a 10 min mile for a minute (6mph) then 6.2mph for a minute, then jump up to an almost sprint for 45 seconds (around 7.5mph) then for the next minute and 15 seconds slow down to around 6.2mpg again. So this is a 4 minute cycle, then i repeat this until I hit 3 miles. (I hope that made sense) Intervals keep you from getting bored, and make the workout seem to go much faster! Also they are good for you! Studies have shown that those that incorporate interval training loose more weight (some people say it boosts your metabolism) I just think it mentally tricks you into working out harder, since when you are done your sprint interval and going back to a jog, the jog seems easy in comparison, but is really the normal speed you would be running.

I love learning new things about health and fitness and recently stumbled upon this other type of interval training called Tabata
Basically the way it works, is you warm up (of course! warming up is key!)
you then sprint at literally 100% of your ability. Like LIONS are chasing you for 20 seconds. then you stop for and rest for 10 seconds. You repeat this 8 times. so its a total of 4 minutes. This I also prefer to do on a treadmill, because like I said before, you can really force yourself to sprint. I put the treadmill up to around 8.5mph which is around a 7 minute mile, and each interval go 0.1 higher working up to 9.0mph which is around a 6and a half minute mile.

Tabata actually has a lot of research showing that it increases athletes aerobic capacity by amazing amounts. Its grueling though, you literally cannot to anything after. I stretch and I'm done. I also probably look like a freak on the tread mill but I dont really care.

I also participate in a race every year called Hounds and Harriers. Its a 5k in Morristown NJ that raises money for St Huberts Animal Shelter where i got my dog Scotty Hotty! (ok his name is Scotty but he has a lot of nicknames) This fall will be my 6th year and I've raised around $2000 for St. Huberts.

This is my after my first 5K!

Who else is a runner?  I would love to share tips and workout ideas!

Quick EOTD

This is a throwback to the fist nars makeover I ever had!   (10 years ago at Saks in NYC, gosh Im old!)
 I tried to recreate it.

All that was used was Bellisima Duo, and Night bird single as liner(which i think might be discontinued)

this is the exact same look that was done below.  you can see how in the sunlight it is very natural looking

do you ladies have any products you have been using an insanely long amount of time?  (obviously is not the same actual eyeshadow, but you know what i mean!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quick EOTD by Nars!

Quick EOTD by Nars!

I have an obsession with Thunderball shadow as a liner.  
All I used here is their eyeshadow primer (amazing)
corfu cream eyeshadow, ashes to ashes shadow, Thunderball as liner, and kaliste eyeliner on waterline.

Im on my way to a BBQ so I  wanted something simple and not to dramatic.  

Products for Hyperpigmentation

Growing up, I always had good skin.  Through high school and college, I never paid much attention to what skincare items I used, just whatever was cheap and easily available.   THEN I started working full time (as a social worker, stress = bad for your skin) and my skin started freaking out.   Its still a battle keeping my skin clear and looking good.   I do have some slight hyperpigmentation from old breakouts.  So I am regularly trying to find products that help fade my hyperpigmentation.   I have tried soooo many different things, but what I have found to be my favorite are these

Skincueticals Phyto+
here's the website description
"This botanical gel for hyperpigmentation is an advanced lightening formula combining four active ingredients to diminish discoloration and improve the overall health of the skin. Kojic acid and arbutin, natural alternatives to hydroquinone, work synergistically to help break up hyperpigmentation, while cucumber and thyme contain anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties to soothe red, irritated skin.
Active ingredients are delivered in a hyaluronic acid base to hydrate as they help heal, calm, and improve the appearance of the skin. Phyto+ can also be used to help reduce erythema and to maintain results following invasive cosmetic procedures."

Now on their website they suggest using this twice a day.  I only use it at night, but I can still tell a difference!  I have been using it for about 6 months, and it has definitely faded some old scaring I have!  and it has not irritated my skin at all either, which is usually an issue for me. 

Its $78 but it lasts forever,  I am still on the same bottle I bought months ago.

The second product is new to me, but I LOVE it, and have mentioned it before.

Neostrata Renewal Peel

This is hard to find I have noticed. I bought it on eskinstore.com

website description
"Ideal quick fix for uneven and dull skin. The glycolic acid will help eliminate the dead cells responsible for the rough skin. This solution contains 10% glycolic acid and 10% gluconolactone, the highest potency available of AHA to achieve the results after only 1 treatment."

This is $63, but lasts FOREVER.   I saw that it had really good reviews on makeupalley, so I figured I would give it a try.   It is the best peel/exfoliation product I have ever used.  I mentioned this product in another thread, and stated how it helped with a scar I had on my arm.   Whats amazing about this product is that it works so well, yet doesn't irritate my skin.   This is on its way to becoming HG for me, and I definitely plan on repurchasing when I run out (which probably wont happen  for a while )

but of course, I'm a shopaholic, so I am always looking for something newer, better.  I just received this in the mail

Glytone Fading Lotion

"This formula contains 2% hydroquinone and 1% kojic acid to lighten dark discoloration in the skin such as age and liver spots. Skin is left brighter, clearer and healthier."

I know kojic acid works for me from using Skinceuticals Phyto+, so I am curious to see if the combination of that and hydroquinone will work better!  I will post a review in a few weeks!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Yummy Breakfast!

I LOVE breakfast/brunch foods.   Unfortunately, they are not all so healthy!  One of my favorite things to make on the weekend when I have more time, is omelette's!  My old obsession was an omelet with green and red peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese.  My NEW obsession is even easier!

I buy 100 calorie packs of guacamole

and fresh salsa (ingredients - tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red pepper, red onion, cilantro, lime juice, tomato juice, garlic, poblano pepper, serrano pepper)

I cook 2 eggs as if i was making a regular omelet, when its about done, cut a small hole in the guacamole packet (i used half)  squeeze out half the packed onto the omelet, fold it in half, then dump some salsa on top!

this is what it looks like

My Nars Collection

Please pardon the absolute mess!
a few of the night flight items exploded everywhere. i knew if i sat down and started cleaning them i would never end up taking the pics i have been meaning to forever!

I have a few more things to add, I will edit the post later!


palm beach

lip gloss
bad education
boogie nights
dolce vita
greek holiday
rose gitane
sunset strip
sweet dreams
turkish delight

galaxy girl


velvet mat lip pencil
dolce vita
roman holiday
sex machine

single eye shadow
ashes to ashes
can can
lola lola
night breed
night porter
night fever
night star
night bird
night clubbing
night flight
night fairy

cream eyeshadow single
cosmic girl
el dorado
lili marene
pearl beach

duo eyeshadow
demon lover
india song
key largo
sugar land

cream eyeshadow duo
summer time
unconditional love

Glitter Pencil


deep throat

sparkling pressed powder
Machu Picchu


loose powder - desert

emotional rescue
last dance 2

I also have the hightligher lotion

clay mask
aqua gel hydrator

and eyeshadow primer, face primer

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nars Multiple Tint

I swung by Blue Mercury today ( I had a gift card) and picked up two of the new Nars Multiple tints,  I got Cadaqués and Turks & Caicos. 

in the swatch from left to right
Beverly Hills (bright red tint), Cadaques (bright fuschia tint), Turks & Caicos (bright orange tint)

the other two are Amour blush, and St. Barts Multiple which I am still considering!

I didn't think I would use the reddish one, but the pink and peach are GORGEOUS!  and i  forgot I left these swatches on, and they lasted the rest of the day!  I have been lemming the Pro Mac pink stick (whatever its called) I think I will like this Nars pink one ever better because its sheer(but build able), and therefore less scary!!! 
They have a gel like consistency so they are very smooth and glide onto the skin easily.  When i used Cadaques today I just swipe the multiple along my cheek and blend with my fingers.

Cadaques gives a nice "lit from within" glow. Gorgeous color!

They are $38, which is a hefty price tag, but I consider all Nars products worth it because of their quality and the fact that they last FOREVER.  Literally forever.  I have multiples from years ago.  The OCD part of me says I should throw them away because they are soo old, but they wear exactly the same, haven't changed consistency or smell, so I cant bring myself to get rid of them!