Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lilash and more Into the Groove

I have been meaning to do a Lilash review for a while now, but I couldn't find my old pictures for the life of me!  I finally found them on my external backup thingy.   anyway here goes!
I started using lilash about 8 months ago.  I saw BellaMakeUp's review and a few others, and knew I had to try it!  I had previously been using Talika Lipocils, from Sephora, which has improved the health of my lashes, but not so much the length.  

Here is the before pic of my lashes

Here is Week 4

I could already tell the difference, my lashes were definitely getting longer!

I had minimal irritation, my eyes were a little blood shot for about two days, then that went away. 

Here is about 6 months in

I have NO MASCARA on here!  my lashes are CRAZY long.  so long they actually touch my sunglasses which is kind of annoying!  and sometimes i get mascara smudges on my brow bone because my eyelashes touch my brow bone!  

here's a side pic

I wish I took a before picture from the side to I could show you all what it used to look like.   My lashes were short and went straight out.  now they curl on their own!  and my bottom lashes used to be practically non existent

The skin on my eyelids is a little darker, but it does go away if you stop using it.  I ran out once for about a week, and my eyelids went back to their normal color.  Now I only used it about 2-3 times a week, so the tube lasts me FOREVER.

I also used it on my eyebrows, where I used to have a scar, and it completely filled it in within two weeks!  I cant say enough good things about lilash.   Its something I plan on fitting into my budget no matter what.  Its a necessity for me!

Where to purchase-   I have ordered both from their site and ebay.   Ebay is cheaper, but I have had a few defective bottles (ones that leak a littler, or the top pops off)  but most have been fine.  So its really a person choice if you  are willing to take the chance with Ebay.

And heres a picture I took today to show my lashes with mascara (I'm wearing Stereo Rose, and Jazzed Lipstick)


Rakhshanda said...

OMG, its amazing kim, really

Kim said...

lilash really is amazing! i dont know what i would do without it!

Anonymous said...

Other than redness, did you have any other side effects? I'm really afraid of it changing my green eye color in any way

Two Peas In A Truck said...

I'm taking the plunge today and ordering from the Lilash website! They have good prices on Amazon and Ebay for $90, but several ladies said all of their lashes fell out from using the Amazon/ Ebay stuff. I'm not wild on spending the extra $50, but at least I will get the right formula and peace of mind. After using Revitalash for over a year, I find it's not working as well as it used to. Perhaps thats because my lashes are used to the formula (lately I have to apply Revitalash twice a day to keep up), or maybe it's because the second tube I bought on Amazon and it's not the true formula. Anyways, Lilash looks so awesome, and I can't wait to get my first bottle!!

Melissa said...

Hello, I was wondering if you were still using Lilash....I started using it in 2010, I think late 2010, so it's almost been about 3 years since I've been using Lilash and I've ran into bit a rut. Just this past few weeks, maybe month, the product has just stopped working for me....Idk if my eyelash tube expired early, or if it got contaminated or what, but I applied it everyday as directed, that's how I've always done it and there were no I'm having issues because since the product stopped working, my eyelashes have pretty much originated back to their natural length and it's really depressing....I had them send me a replacement and I'm still waiting on that but if it does still work I won't be able to find out until a weeks from the starting point having to start ALL over again....which was a lengthy process...I was wondering if you experienced that with Lilash as well? Since I've seen your review a few years back and decided to get it....If it has stopped working for you, do you use any other eyelash serum??? Please get back to me. I would really like to know!