Thursday, July 15, 2010

My puppies!

I figured I would do a more personal post about a subject that is very important to me... my PUPPIES!!!! The two dogs to the left are Scotty(the black one basking in the sun) and Libby (tan one). Both of them were adopted from animal shelters. Scotty is from St. Huberts, which is an amazing animal shelter in NJ. They have two locations, one in Madison, and one in North Branch. I run in a 5k race every year with Scotty that raises money for St. Huberts. Its called Hounds and Harriers 5k. This year will be my 6th year running with Scotty! I've raised over $2000 for St. Huberts from peoples generous donations to sponsor me in the race.  St. Huberts takes a lot of dogs from the south, where there are not as many shelters, and MANY more strays.  Scotty was originally from West Virginia before he came to us.  Libby was from a small shelter run by a few people in New Paltz NY.  I cannot stress how important it is to rescue animals from shelters! there are so many animals that need homes!  and as you can see we got some cute ones!  I will be posting more about the race I am in as it gets closer.

I have grown up with dogs my entire life, and when I was little, we did get our pups from breeders.   We used to have dalmatians, Jessie, who we had before I was born, then Patches who we got when I was around 13.  To me, life is not complete without a dog! 

Me (in moms belly) Mom and Jessie!

Me, Mom and Jessie!!

Scotty and Patches

scotty playing in snow
Scotty loves to swim!
Scotty is a Steelers fan!

Scotty and libby
Libby is so tired!

Scotty sitting up
Hounds and Harriers Race
Before the race
Scotty's "paris hilton" pose

Scottys doing downward facing dog
Scotty as a puppy with our old dog Patches

At the shelter!

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