Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nars Limited Edition Lipgloss at Sephora

On July 29th, NARS will roll out five limited edition lip glosses at Sephora. Each will retail for $24 and is named after one of their most popular blushes.

Oasis - plummy mauve with gold shimmer.
Luster - sheer muted tangerine-peach with copper-gold shimmer.
Super Orgasm - sheer played down pink with gold shimmer.
Angelika  - semi-sheer brightened blue-based pink with very subtle silver shimmer.
Albatross - sheer white-gold with pale gold shimmer.

Nars lip glosses are hit or miss for me.  Some are amazing, and some are so sheer, that I don't think they are work the money.  My favorites right now are Sweet Revenge (a sheer pink grapefruit) Sunset Strip (tangerine with gold shimmer) and Sweet Dreams (pink grapefruit with gold shimmer) Hmmm see a pattern here? I will have to get some of the new glosses just to change things up!  I am curious to try Luster, Super Orgasm, and Angelika.  I will be sure to post swatches and my review when I get them!  Cant wait for them to arrive at Sephora!

What are your favorite lip glosses for the summer? 

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