Friday, July 2, 2010

YSL Lip Glosses

I went a little crazy the other day and bought 4 YSL lip glosses.   I had seen a few good reviews on them so I went to sephora to see them in person.

I ended up purchasing 4 (Pure Rasberry ), 7 ( Pure Sorbet), 8 (Pure Watermelon), and 47 (Pure peach). The rasberry and peach ones are my absolute favorites. The Rasberry one is a really great bright pink ligloss and the peach is actually a perfect nude color! Sorbet doesnt really show up on me , and Watermelon is browner than I had expected it to be. In the store it looked more coralish.

And I have to add, I LOVE the smell. The website says its mango. Its the yummiest lipgloss I have ever owned!

 I especially like that there is no glitter.  Im not a big fan of obvious glitter in my makeup. The YSL golden gloss has the biggest glitter chunks, you can FEEL them!

I have to say though, $30 is A LOT to pay for a lip gloss.  I have a few pinks, that I might use before I would replace the rasberry.  But the peach so far I have found nothing like.  Its really perfect for summer.

Heres the description from the Sephora website

Yves Saint Laurent GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss creates a beautiful and glossy sheen to the lips—without sparkle. The wand allows you to glaze your lips with the utmost precision as it delivers a flash of luminous sheen and rich tint.

What else you need to know:

If you like YSL's GOLDEN GLOSS Shimmering Lip Gloss, then you will love the new GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss, too. The formula is the same but without the 24 carat gold flecks for a look which is glamorous and chic. GLOSS PUR Pure Lip Gloss has a fresh mango smell which lifts the spirits while taking your look to a new level.

Heres a swatch I found online of a few colors.

#1 Pure Nude, #2 Pure Rose, #3 Pure Coral, #4 Pure Raspberry,

#5 Pure Fucshia, #6 Pure Plum, #47 Pure Peach and #48 Pure Petal

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