Friday, July 23, 2010

Nars Fall 2010 Haul!

I am so excited I got my Nars Fall 2010 makeup in the mail! 
I ordered Tzarine and Rajasthan Eyeshadow Duo, Strawberry Fields Lipgoss, Daphne Eyeshadow, Douceor Blush.

My favorites of the collection are definitely Rajasthan and Douceor.

Daphne is very chalky, and doesn't have almost any color payoff. You have to mix it with a primer to get it to stick.  How they got the vivid color in the campaign photo I have no idea!

Here's the pictures and swatches!

Tzarine - a very pretty color, but I prefer darker blue/greens

Rajasthan - a metallic beigeish and a midnight blue/green 
Ive used it for a simple eye using the gold as an all over wash, and the darker color as liner.
Its also great for a smokey eye

Daphne (must have gotten other eyeshadow on it during swatching)
I thought this would be my favorite, but it was actually very disappointing.  Its completely chalky, and doesn't "stick" to your skin if you understand what I mean.  You would have to use it wet (I mixed it with Nars Eyeshadow Primer) to get any color payoff, but it would most likely be hard to blend then.  I will keep playing with it and report back.

Douceor - a very pretty non shimmery blush.  This is a great color for probably all skin tones, but is especially flatter on pinker skintones, because it balances out the pink with the brown tones in the blush.  Its definitely going to be one of my favorites!

Strawberry Fields
Very pretty and pigmented lipgloss. Scares me a bit becuse it is a little darker than  I had expected, but its the most perfect bright pink.   Hopefully I will have the guts to wear it!

left -Strawberry Fields, Daphne,
top right - Rajasthan, Tzarine under it

Here I have on Rajasthan Eyeshadow and Douceor Blush. The blush is a great color anyone with a pink undertone. It tones down the pink in your skin

And here is Strawberry Fields Lipgloss

I would love to hear from other people that got items from the Nars Fall 2010 Collection! please comment with your experiences!


prettyaspeaches said...

Great haul and FOTD! I didn't know this collection had hit the counters yet!

Rakhshanda said...

You're looking beautiful kim....check out my post

Kim said...

@prettyaspeaches Thank! I know that this collection is now at my local lord and taylor. The stuff in this post I ordered online though becuase I couldnt wait for it to be availabe in stores!

BarbaraM said...

thanks :)
it was very usefulll