Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Mac Into the Groove! and Chanel Swatches

So I went back to Mac and ended up getting Style Influencer Mineralize Eyeshadow!

When I went in the day Into the Groove came out, the only eyeshadow I got was Soften the Mood, but I kept thinking back to Style Influencer and the great dark blue (reminded me of Nars Night Flight).

It is a GREAT trio!  the brownish shade I thought was goign to be to reddish, and I am not a fan of reddish eyeshadows, I think they make you look sick. but I was wrong about this one! its a great crease color for blending a smokey eye, then the white is a great highlight.

And I also got two Chanel Eyeshadows, Vert Khaki, and Taupe Gris, i havent had enough time to play with them yet, so I am sure there will be some upcoming posts about them!

here are the swatches!

left to right -  3 Style Influencer shades, Chanel Vert Khaki, Chanel Taupe Gris


Rakhshanda said...

great shades...

prettyaspeaches said...

I love your EOTD. Don't make me want this trio too!

Kim said...

@prettyaspeaches - glad you liked it! it was really easy too, only took 2 minutes! sorry to make you want to buy more ;)