Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cle de Peau Concealer- is it worth $70?

So after reading about this concealer in practically every magazine I picked up, I figured I HAD to give it a try.  It won for "best concealer" in Instyle, and generally has had a lot of buzz lately.   The $70 price tag was STEEP but i figured it was worth it, if only to do a review for everyone else! 
I figured I would give it a few days, and probably wouldn't be to impressed, and would tell everyone not to waste their money. 

Sadly, ladies, the exact opposite happened! I LOVE it!  It just melts into your skin, and looks completely natural.   Its the only concealer that I thought worked well for under eyes, as well as other areas of the face.   Before I had always used one concealer for under eyes (usually Bobbi Brown) and one for face (Nars or Coverblend).  This looked perfect no matter where you use it. 

I have slightly darker skin around my eyes from Lilash (review coming soon)  so I wear concealer around my eyes everyday.   On hotter days, I noticed that the Bobbi Brown one was wearing off.   The Cle de Peau lasted all day. And when I say ALLLL day I mean through a BBQ, swimming, drinking, and falling asleep at my bfs with my makeup on (which I do not suggest doing! bad bad bad!)
 Normally the concealer would either be gone, or have dried out my skin, especially around my eyes.   It looked exactly the same.  When I went to wash my face the next morning, I couldn't believe how natural it still looked. 

I also like that its the perfect consistency.   The Bobbi Brown concealer for under eyes works well, but its pretty thick, and since i have some freckles, if I don't wear foundation with it, you can see that I have concealer on, because you can see the difference from where the under eye area meets the cheekbone, where you can see freckles again.   The Cle de Peau isn't as thick, but still covers under eye circles amazingly.  So I could wear it alone, with just some powder on the rest of my face.   Just for that reason, I would consider repurchasing.  I hate feeling that I have to wear more makeup on the rest of my face if I want to wear concealer around my eyes. 

Probably the only downfall (other than the crazy price) is the lack of color choices.   Only 4!  Luckily the shade Ochre was perfect for me with my summer tan.   Hopefully the lighter shade will work for the winter.

Its also slightly larger than other concealers which is what makes me think I will continue to buy it.   For example,
the nars concealer is 0.12 Oz for $22.  Which works out to be $18 per 0.10 oz
Bobbo Brown is 0.06 oz for $22.         Which is                      $36  per 0.10oz
Cle de Pea is 0.17 oz for $70.              Which is                      $41 per 0.10oz

So per oz, Cle de Peau is only slightly more expensive than Bobbi Brown.   Nars is actually the most affordable! 

So in the end its a personal decision, whether you are willing to drop $70 for a concealer.  Hopefully you are close enough to a Neiman Marcus or other store that carries Cle de Peau, so you can try it out and see for yourself!

also, it seems to be available on Amazon for around $65!

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