Friday, June 18, 2010

Purple Eyes

I have always loved purple eyeshadow.   I think its one of the most universally flattering colors for all skin tones. I especially like it with blue eyes.  I'm not a huge fan of crazy colorful eye shadows.  I never mix two different colors (like the sunset eye when people fade from one color to another)  I appreciate the blending skills it takes, but I am not a fan.   Usually if i use a color, its just a bit, like a blue winged liner, or a purple smokey eye.   Green scares me for some reason.  Maybe I will work on that and track my progress on here!  Purple is definetly my favorite non neutral color to use.

The purple shadow I used the most is Nars Lulu which I sometimes use as eyeliner or use for a smokey eye.
Here are some other purple eyeshadow inspiration pics!

I read that the shadow used for Rachel McAdams look was YSL lilac sky, which i just picked up!  so hopefully I will be successful in trying a similar look!

What are your favorite non neutrals?


3ate4 said...

May have to use this colour tomorrow now :)

Kim said...

let me know how it goes and what you use!

3ate4 said...

Used some purple shades from my W7 Paintbox palette, not too sure if I like how it turned out, didn't look as great as these!

Kim said...

I have the YSL palette, and I need to take the time to play with it! i will post pics if i do!