Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nars Love and Haul

I have been a Nars lover for over 10 years.   It all started with my first trip to Saks 5th Avenue in NYC with a girlfriend in high school.   We actually went to a MAC counter, and were ignored by the makeup artists there.   Nars happened to be across the way and we stopped there and the MA there (Gianni)  offered to do both our faces.  That was the first time I had ever had my makeup done.  He asked me a lot of questions, like how dramatic i liked my makeup, what products i usually used.  and made a face chart of exactly what he did.  He gave me a beautiful everyday look.  He THEN went through the items and told me what i DIDNT need to get, and crossed off about half of what he used saying things like "you can just get a black liner from wet and wild"  I loved him immediately.  For other nars lovers - i left with bellisima eyeshadow, night bird single, galaxy girl lipstick, copacabana multiple and sin blush.  

I have been using Nars every since!

I actually went back the following summer, and had my makeup done by Gianni again, and he remembered me, my major, what school I was going to and what makeup he had used!  He gave me a night look this time, and i couldn't stop looking at myself in the mirror!  This time he used Charade eyeshadow duo, with china blue as a winged liner.   it looked AMAZING.  he also used a bronzish lipstick that has since been discontinued and Cabiria lip laquer. 

I haven't seen Gianni since, but have thought many times that if i ever get married i will HAVE to find him to do my makeup!  Nowadays my favorite Nars counters are the Neiman Marcus at Short Hills Mall, and the Lord and Taylor in Westfield. 

I recently bought a condo in Summit, and sold ALOT of makeup trying to save as much as I could.   Well now i am moved and I just got my tax return so I went a little Nars CRAZY!

Here is what i got.

Burn it Blue Creme Eyeshadow Duo, Key Largo Eye Shadow Duo, Camargue Cream Eyeshadow Duo

Blue Bayou eyeliner stylo, Kitty eyeliner, Nabucco eyeliner stylo,
Ophelia Lipgloss, Sweet Revenge Lipgloss, Eyeshadow primer

Nomad Creme Eyeshadow, Deep throat blush, D. Gorgeous eyeshadow.


From left to right
Nabucco(brown), Kitty(turquoise blue),
Burn it Blue(irridescent ocean blue with golden mist/turquoise blue)
Camarque (golden moss/sierra infused with multicolored reflections)
Nomad (shimmering moss green)

I am so happy with my purchases.  I have always been a wimp when it comes to blue, and i figured now when I am tan, is the time to try them out!  I love Kitty eyeliner for the water line.  I have blue eyes and it brightens them and makes them look much bluer.  I saw the Eyeliner Stylos got bad reviews on makeupalley, but I really like them.  the brown one isn't super pigmented but its a nice brown color.  the blue is gorgeous!
Camarque I didn't think would be flattering but after seeing the promo image

I had to have it!  Its described as a golden moss/ sienna infused with multicolor reflections and is exactly that.   I had Nomad before and actually hit the bottom on it.  It looks great blended with Blondie Eyeshadow over top

and its important to mention that the new eyeshadow primer works wonders for the cream eyeshadows.   nars cream eyeshadows always creased on me. I trued UDPP, mac paint pots and so many other things. The new Nars eyeshadow primer is AMAZING. My eye makeup doesnt budge!!!

Ophelia (strawberry nectar)
Sweet Revenge (sheer pink grapefruit)

I love both of these, but i definitely reach for Sweet Revenge more.   Its so flattering with a tan!  Ophelia is gorgeous as well but i have been preferring nude lips lately, so maybe I will get more use of of it in the fall.

Deep Throat blush(peach with shimmer)
D. Gorgeous eyeshadow (matte dusty lilac)
Key largo duo(pale peach/shimmering bronze)
I had a hard time having these show up well in the picture! sorry!

Deep throat blush is a must have.  its so beautiful on.  this is probably my third.  I have naturally pink cheeks so I used to shy away from blushes, but this is the perfect pale peach that just makes you glow!

D Gorgeous is the only item I have been disappointed in.  its very matte, and almost chalky.  so far don't love it, but i am still trying to used it different ways (maybe layering it with a cream eyeshadow) because the shade is beautiful, i just don't like the texture.
and I don't know how i missed Key Largo all these years.  Its definitely a must have for blue eyes ladies!  The bronze shade is my favorite side and is the perfect mid tone bronze, not to dark not to light, perfect for the crease!

I hope to go back later this week to get some of the new sheer multiples! they look amazing

(I was not a fan of the sheer lip tints,  they had NO color.  I use Sabrina Lip treatment, and plan on sticking to that)

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